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Its Time to Achieve Leadership Rockstar Status!!

Start Making Transformations Page by Page

My workbooks are designed to help you tap into your full potential by making small transformations at a time. From personal growth to career success, my workbooks provide valuable guidance and practical strategies to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to accomplish your goals!

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Workbooks by Therese

Dreading a Difficult Conversation?

Do you have mini panic attacks right before having a difficult conversation?  Do you get flustered easily and lose track of what you were going to say?  Does it take you forever to get through tough topics?

Use these strategies to be better prepared; whether it's a performance conversation or you're trying to get feedback from someone.


Are You a Bad Leader?

Do you secretly wonder if you're up for the task of being a leader?  Are you frustrated because you don't feel like you're progressing or connecting with your team the way you want?

There is a chance that your leadership skills need significant enhancements!

This workbook will be the first big step in the right direction!


It is Time to Wipe the Slate Clean!

Do you want to hit the reset button with your team? 


Do you want to acknowledge that so far you may not have been the leader they needed? 


This is your chance to create a new environment for everyone including yourself!

Your Guide To Speaking Up! (4)_Page1.jpg

It's Time To Speak Up!

If you are overwhelmed and are scared to communicate what you need, take a look at your personal guide to building confidence at work!

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