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Change Reimagined...

What excites me about

working with my clients

Sharing my mistakes as a leader.  Trust me, I have many!

Public speaking.  There is nothing like watching how your words impact others.

Making sense out
of crazy!

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Here's the tea, 

After several years in a successful career as a healthcare leader, I found myself unhappy, frustrated, and feeling stuck.  

 Although I was working in the field that I loved, achieved many things and had countless accomplishments, it just was not enough for me.  In short, I felt lost.  Then I received a gut punch!  I was laid off on the same day that I was going to ask for a promotion!  Crazy, right!? ​

Going through this, forced me to be still and ask myself some tough questions. What’s next? How do I better align with the 8 year old me who just wanted to help others?  What aspects of my previous roles did I enjoy? Just like that, it came to me! I need to create programs that offer support and solutions for healthcare leaders who work in fast paced environments, managing teams that are accountable for meeting high levels of productivity and quality. 


 My Misson

Provide clients with resources that help build long-lasting success by getting them to a point where processes become automated and ingrained in their organizational structure. 

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Over the past 20+ years, I've specialized in helping business professionals and practices with the following:

Own insecurities as a leader.

Promote Stakeholder Collaboration

Drive success with little resources

Top-Down Organizational Structure

Drive employment engagement

Process & Quality Improvement

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As a healthcare staffing agency, we are currently providing staff for post acute providers.  We will be moving into the acute space soon, so we needed policies and procedures developed to ready ourselves for that shift.


We have no exposure in the acute world, so we needed someone with the proper knowledge to develop our policies and the patience to work with us and explain many details involved with which we had limited experience.  I found Therese to hit the mark on both accounts.


She was able to walk us through the details and explain WHY. By the time we were done, Therese had us understanding the complexities and requirements of staffing acute providers.


Whether you deem yourself a novice or an expert in acute care staffing, Therese will be able to get you to a set of policies and procedures that ensure you are doing all the right things and doing them on a consistent basis.

John Fischbach

President, AMEA Healthcare

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Keynote Speaking

Let's talk...

All of my talks, come from my personal experiences and my goal is ALWAYS to connect with my audience.


I never want to  just provide tools in my keynotes that anyone can access on Google. Through sharing my own vulnerabilities and insecurities, I  provide authentic support, help, and understanding. 


I believe if someone is sitting in my audience, he or she is there because they need something from me.  I understand this and I work hard to connect with that one person in a way that stays with them long after they’ve heard me speak.


Three types of Game Changing Keynotes designed with your organization's needs in mind. 

Let's be honest!  Being in healthcare is HARD!  All healthcare team members are struggling.  It does not matter if you're clinical or not.  If you are in healthcare, you have significant responsibility and therefore you have significant daily challenges. 

Pulling from my 20 years of healthcare experience, I am here to help you by sharing what has worked for me in interactive workshops and keynotes


Healthcare Focused

I will provide tips to both healthcare providers and administrators in several areas as they continue to navigate staffing shortages and complex regulatory requirements.


Leadership Focused

I will support leaders as they work to guide their teams toward exceeding organizational productivity and quality goals. 



Sometimes teams just need a push, a cheerleader, or help to reconnect with the choice to be in healthcare.  I will help them with that through transformational Keynotes and Workshops.

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Therese's speech was insightful and a true representation of the challenges in healthcare.  She gave nice tips to listen to and hone in on the conversations staff are having to facilitate more effective leadership and mentorship.

Nyla Ramsumair,
Attended the annual conference for the New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgical Services 


Upcoming Speaking

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