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Let's Talk About Layoffs

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Ok, this is a tough one! I was laid off on January 18, 2021 and every time I see a new post from someone who was just laid off, it takes me right back to that awful day!

As you know, sometimes #layoffs are necessary to save your company, but companies do have options on how they handle layoffs. It's not just about resetting your company; it's also about setting your #employee up for the next opportunity and hopefully your relationship with the employee will stay intact long term because there may be a chance to work together in the future. So how can you do this?

Here are great things that some #companies are doing for laid off employees that I WISH my previous employer did for me!

Let Them Know They Matter

Your employees are going to feel rejected! The questions in their heads will be, "Why wasn't I saved? How could they not see my value? What do I do now?"

When this happened to me, all of my insecurities took center stage. What made it worse was that my boss never called to acknowledge what happened. That hurt.

Remember, it's not just about the numbers; this is someone's life, so treat this with care.

Prepare your team for the layoffs, create a checklist that includes follow ups with the termed employees, coach #leaders on what to say, encourage the remaining #team to stay #connected, and offer #references.

Use Social Media

Your company is connected to so many people and organizations through your social media channels and this is an opportunity to showcase these employees!

I have seen companies do highlights on laid off employees (with their permission), letting their #network know what happened and highlighting the person's #skills and #accomplishments.

Some companies actually create online communities for these people to #network and continue to #support each other!

Hire #Outplacement Services

Yes, this is an investment but it might be one that proves beneficial for your company and the employee!

These companies provide you with support during the layoff process. But what I REALLY love is that they offer #coaching services for the employee focused on #networking, #resume revamping, #interview preparation, etc. Not everyone will use it but those who do will be ahead of the pack in their job search.

Investing in these employees in this way will speak volumes and ensure a positive long term #connection.

The Bottom Line

Layoffs are not easy for anyone however the company does have the ability to make this transition a little easier by doing certain things to get the employee one step further in their new direction.

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