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How We Will Work Together

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Establishing a recognizable upgrade in your organization's approach

I focus on three areas, People, Processes, and Systems, which are the three elements required for a successful organizational transformation.


KPI's, Career Path, Leadership

Focus on KPIs, career pathing, employee & leadership engagement. I will push teams to answer the following questions; do the leaders understand their roles; have they received adequate leadership training and coaching; are employees engaged; how do promotions work; do job descriptions reflect what employees are doing?


Business Goals, Impact, Understanding

Focus on different areas of the business that are
impacting outcomes based on goals. I will push teams to answer these questions; are there redundancies; do clear workflows per team exist; do teams understand how their work impact other teams; is there significant manual work being done?


Tools, Resources, Support

Focus on tools and resources that are currently being used to support a particular part of the business. I will push teams to answer these questions; does the current system support the current processes; are systems intuitive or cumbersome; do systems rely heavily on manual work; are systems user-friendly for both internal and external users?

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  • Looking for a Way to Level Up Your Leadership?

    1 hr

  • Let's set aside 30 minutes to discuss your driving force behind change

    30 min

Changing Up

The key to successful program implementation and organizational change is having the right tools and people in place to facilitate those changes.  I will help your organization navigate through change to ensure a smooth transition that will lead to quicker adaption and hard wiring of new processes.

Raising Up

Quite a bit falls into this bucket!  Everything from creating employee onboarding curriculums to leadership development and all the things in between.  Through my extensive training programs, I will help you determine what success looks like and develop game plans to achieve it!

Leading Up

It is not enough to be a subject matter expert.  Being a great leader requires the ability to inspire others through action.  Leaders set the tone for culture and it is important they establish a culture that lives the mission, vision, and values of their organization.

Healthcare Staffing Organizations

Are you having issues with not meeting credentialing deadlines, that led to clinician contract terminations and lack of coverage in specialized services?

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Healthcare Technology

The Problem

An organization wanted to create an Application Tracking System (ATS) for healthcare staffing companies but didn’t know the industry standards, competitor offerings, or needs of target clients.

The Solution

I provided data based on my personal surveying and research of industry standards and competitor offerings. I
provided in-depth education regarding end-to-end healthcare staffing needs and

The Change

The organization created a
a platform that was focused on healthcare staffing specifically that could be used by both in house and clinician users. The platform included automation that allowed clinicians to schedule themselves, upload documents, and maintain
credentials; while also allowing in-house users the ability to monitor documents and communicate with their candidates and clients.

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What people say

"Therese laid the foundation for a strong Credentialing organization during her consulting with Nomad. Therese's support was a key piece to building our Credentialing organization- from helping us renew our Joint Commission accreditation, to building our initial onboarding program, to even stepping in as an interim leader as we quickly scaled our business.


I recommend Therese's services to whoever needs a sanity check on their processes or needs a partner to help train their team"

Trent Godard, Sr.,
VP of Operations & Revenue, Nomad Health

Change is Hard!

I've been there!  Being motivated to make changes is not enough!  

Change requires you to have a plan.

Change requires you to have a goal.

Change requires requires you to work.

Change comes with lessons learned and unimaginable rewards.

Let's get started on making those changes!


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