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It's Time To Get Out of
Your Own Way!! 


If you're like me, you've been waiting for a chance to be with a group of people who are like you. 


You have been waiting for a safe space.


You have been waiting to share all of the crap you've been dealing with daily without the fear of being labeled as not being a "team player".


You've been waiting to be vulnerable.


You know that for some reason you are just not successful as a leader.


You know something needs to change but you don't know what.


You know that you are big part of why things aren't working.


You know that if you don't do something soon, things won't end well. 


My friend you're not alone!!


Please hear me when I say you're not the only one!


So many leaders are in your shoes, even the ones who look like they are killing it! I personally wore those shoes OUT for almost 20 years! I was great at pretending that I had it together.


I struggled so much as a leader but didn't always feel like I could talk about it because I thought as a leader I needed to know all "the things".   


Several times I suspected my team didn't like me.  I sometimes said things I shouldn't have.  I didn't trust my team, leader, or colleagues and man did it get lonely at times!


There was a time that every morning before going into work, I would sit in my car and cry because I felt like I sucked.  If any of what I am saying resonates with you, then this group coaching class is for you!


It's Time For Your Leadership Breakthrough!


This group coaching class is for you if:

  • You are afraid you may lose your job

  • You are thinking about leaving because nothing you do is working

  • You need community but also confidentiality

  • You need several different perspectives

  • You need to vent

  • You want structure

  • You want to get better as a leader

  • You want to feel like you have control

  • You are ready to be vulnerable and hear things that may make you uncomfortable


What to expect:

  • A curriculum designed to promote robust conversations amongst the group

  • Worksheets with tips, homework, and things to apply to your role weekly

  • 5 weeks of live video calls with the group (1 one-hour session per week)

  • All session recordings

  • Accountability  & Tough Love

  • A strict confidentiality expectation (you will sign something)

  • Additional freebies and discounts on 1:1 coaching sessions

  • No judgement


What's Next? 

If you're ready to Get Out of Your Own Way and have Your Leadership Breakthrough, then it's time to join!​  There is limited seating for this Beta Launch class. 
What does Beta Launch mean?
Well, it means it's the first live group session for this specific topic, so not many people can attend, it will be the cheapest it will ever be and you will get more than any other class!

When do classes start?
I will do the live launch on July 24, 2023 (Class has started); however, the weekly classes will be based on the collective group's availability every week!

What does all of this cost?
This Beta Launch class will be an investment of only $497!!  Yup, you read that correctly.  You will get 5 weeks of support, mentoring, and guidance for this low rate.  Again, this will be a one time thing that you will get to brag about later! 

Class has started!

Click here to join the waiting list for the next class!

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