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Therese Gopaul-Robinson

Keynote Speaker & Consultant

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Hi I'm Therese Gopaul-Robinson

I am a keynote speaker and an expert in healthcare credentialing and leadership development!  After 20 years in my career, I realized that it was time for me to give more to an industry that I love and to leaders who need support!

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Through sharing my own vulnerabilities and insecurities, I provide authentic support, help, and understanding.  


I believe if someone is sitting in the audience, he or she is there because they need something from me.  I respect this and I work hard to connect with that one person in a way that stays with them long after they’ve heard me speak.

How Does It All Connect?

Here’s the Tea

After several years in a successful career as a healthcare leader, I found myself unhappy, frustrated, and feeling stuck.  I struggled with Imposter Syndrome, and this led to a constant fear of being “found out”. 

Then I received a gut punch!  I was laid off on the same day that I was going to ask for a promotion!  Crazy, right!?

Going through this forced me to be still, ask myself some tough questions, and begin some heavy-duty work on myself.   That took some time.

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Through this process I realized that I could connect with leaders in a specific way.  Because of my extensive experience as a Healthcare Credentialing leader, I could offer my knowledge in two ways;


  • Practical & strategic support of Credentialing departments

  • Assistance with developing leaders. 

This “A-Ha” moment was the first step on my journey as a keynote speaker and consultant.

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Therese is a great resource to have a for a company that wants to be set up correctly. Correctly meaning for their current state, but also their future state. When we engaged Therese we were caught in the whirlwind of Covid and put together the compliance and credentialing department through sheer will. Upon engaging Therese, we realized that there was a better way.

Enter Therese! She cleaned up our processes, gave us a roadmap to handle future growth, and put in accountability metrics to drive outcomes with our team. We thank her for patching things up to get us to a better place. Thank you Therese!

Michael Jacoutot, Jr.

Founder/Managing Partner, Spire Healthcare

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