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It's time to get better!

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Using a personalized approach while accounting for industry standards,  

my consulting services and online resources will provide you the tools necessary to start seeing immediate improvements.

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The big 3, 

I help...


Healthcare Leaders

Stepping into leadership roles by providing training on the various soft skills needed  to tackle the complicated and sticky situations they will encounter while balancing between their administrative and clinical duties.


Healthcare Staffing Organizations

Improve back-office productivity by streamlining processes, creating robust internal training programs, and getting clear about production and quality goals.  



You and your team through “real deal” thought provoking keynotes and workshops that create a safe place to practice, make mistakes, while also learning and reconnecting to your organization’s mission.

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Let's Get to Work

I have a Master of Public Health, specializing in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention from Florida International University. 

I have 20+ years of experience serving in different roles in hospitals and healthcare staffing organizations. 


I use all that education and experience to help you create a plan to will make a quick impact on you and your team!

Healthcare Staffing Organizations it's time to focus on

Streamlined Processes

that consider the people who are doing the work, by getting their feedback, cutting away redundancies and creating clear steps for progression.

Internal Training Programs

that take learning seriously by  incorporating both tactical & soft skills necessary for the team to excel. 

Clear Production & Quality Goals

that don’t leave your team bewildered, intimidated, or wondering what good looks like.

Healthcare Leaders it doesn't matter if

You're An Emerging Leader

Who understands the tactical side of the job. You've been successful as an individual contributor, you’re getting more responsibilities, maybe you're mentoring new hires, and now it's time to invest in yourself and learn the necessary skills for leadership!

You've Been Around for a While

Doing this leader thing for some time but really, you’re just winging it most days or constantly Googling “How tos” for every situation. You are ready for some direction. 

You're New to Leadership

Just got into a for real leadership role.  You have actual employees or dotted line folks who you are responsible for.  Either way, you’ve got a lot coming at you all at once, and you have no clue or maybe a little clue, how to handle it!

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Keynote Speaking

I deliver interactive content based on your needs that will have attendees ready to take action! I will generate impactful buzz with material that will be completely customized for your organization.

A message from Therese

My love for healthcare began when I was 8 years old.  A close relative did not receive the care that he deserved due to lack of training, fear, and compassion.  This always stuck with me because to me, he was a loving person who always made time to play with me, his young niece.

Although I did not understand the complexities of healthcare at 8 years old, I understood that everyone deserved to be cared for with dignity and this is what I have devoted my career to.


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The Blog

"Happy Birthday To Me!!"

The TGR Blog features education, tips, and tricks for any organizational leader to reference when faced with the everyday challenges of leading teams and change management.





T.F., MD, Houston, Texas

Therese is a great resource to have a for a company that wants to be set up correctly. Correctly meaning for their current state, but also their future state. When we engaged Therese we were caught in the whirlwind of Covid and put together the compliance and credentialing department through sheer will. Upon engaging Therese, we realized that there was a better way.

Enter Therese! She cleaned up our processes, gave us a roadmap to handle future growth, and put in accountability metrics to drive outcomes with our team. We thank her for patching things up to get us to a better place. Thank you Therese!

Michael Jacoutot, Jr.
Founder/Managing Partner, Spire Healthcare
Therese was outstanding to work with! She had great communication and follow up throughout her time with us. Our organization needed market research to gauge how our product compared to others in the industry, and Therese did a very thorough job with the research and presented a very comprehensive analysis that delivered exactly what we needed. Therese’s work ethic and work product are top notch. 

I would highly recommend Therese for any staffing industry research or assessment.  Her combination of industry knowledge, contacts, thorough work, and detailed output is extremely valuable. 

Bill Marshall
Chief Technology Officer/VP, Moonshot Innovations

Therese is pleasant, insightful, and helpful. After observing our current processes, she provided recommendations for our compliance appointments by opening our in-house lab full time and having it run by nurses, which led to lower costs in the overall credentialing process.

I would recommend Therese to staffing companies, especially if they are a startup or in growth phase, the objective feedback was most beneficial. 

Leslie Kahn, RN
Chief Executive Officer, Alto Healthcare
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