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Stop Doing So Much

How I Turned My Hot Mess to Success

Lost: Leading When the Way Is Unclear

Your Acre of Diamonds

The Power of Dynamic Leadership


How It Started!

The first time I remember not feeling good enough was when I was 7.  I remember thinking that I didn’t quite fit. 

Fast forward a couple of decades and those thoughts still occupied so much space in my mind making it difficult for me to move forward in my career and personal life.  I longed for more but didn’t believe I deserved it.

Then one day I attended a staff meeting and there was a guest speaker.  He told stories about his family and the lessons he learned growing up.  He spoke in a way that drew me in, made me love him, and made me feel seen and I wept. Like, sobbing embarrassingly!  But, that was the moment. That was when I knew I wanted to make people feel the way I felt, right then.  I wanted to make others feel seen.

Fast forward a decade later and I had done nothing to pursue this dream because truthfully deep down inside I didn’t’ believe that I could actually do it!  Who was I to think that I could inspire others?  Who was I to expect more?  Everyday that went by, I did nothing to pursue my dreams, but after a long time of self-reflection and hard work, I was finally able to give my feelings of inadequacy a name…Imposter Syndrome. 


I had the honor of hearing Therese speak! Wow!! She is dynamic, engaging and empowering! I left feeling stronger, more confident in myself and ready to tackle my biggest fears.

She is an inspiration, kind soul, real and just cool to be around. If you get the opportunity to meet her, connect with her, partner with her or schedule her for your next event... you will NOT be disappointed.

Sheena Raunikar

President & Founder Integrity Staffing Group

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To help other people who have let their Imposter Syndrome stop them from achieving their career goals! 70% of people will experience Imposter Syndrome in their lives!  I want to help!  I want you to know that you can find ways to use your Imposter Syndrome as a superpower!

Keynote # 1

Stop Doing So Much

It’s time to understand why at some point, most of us experience burnout, frustrations, resentment, and just general feelings of overwhelm.


This just didn’t happen accidentally and it’s not happening TO you; it’s happening because of choices you make. This keynote dives into how in an effort to feel valued, many people get stuck in a vicious cycle of “YES” and how this is leading to so many “Nos” in other areas of your life.


The keynote will be focused on providing the audience with practical steps to decrease burnout as they grow in their careers, it will encourage group participation as we dig into “how we got here”, and lessons we can learn and teach others.

Audience Takeaways

The top two reasons most get caught in the cycle of “doing the most.”

The unique challenges both men & women face making it hard to say "No".

The three unintentional messages you communicate to others daily

The four things you can do NOW to regain control!

How To Turned Your Hot Mess to Success

Keynote # 2

After several years of work experience, degrees, and accolades, I still struggled to believe I belonged. Viewing every opportunity I received as someone “taking a chance on me.” Every day was a challenge because I lacked the self-confidence to speak up when it mattered and to trust myself with big decisions.

In short, my Imposter Syndrome impacted my overall effectiveness as a leader. Join me as I share my personal journey with imposter syndrome, the lessons I learned, the battles I am still fighting, and just a few of the many awkward moments in between.

Audience Takeaways

This is not just a "how to" speech. This is not a speech with "big promises". This is a raw, painful, powerful story of the battles I actively fight daily as I try to put one foot in front of the other.

The audience will feel seen.

They will know they are not alone.

They will walk aways with a list of tangible “baby” steps they can take RIGHT NOW to quiet or at least lower the mean voices in their heads as they work toward fulfilling their dreams!

Keynote # 3

Lost: Leading When the Way is Unclear.

As leaders we are often tasked with pushing initiatives forward. But what if we don't agree, don't understand, or are navigating constant obstacles and changes? What then? How do we continue to lead, motivate, and inspire, when we are struggling with our own questions?

This keynote is for the tired leader, the person who:
  • Needs hope

  • Must lead in the face of uncertainty

  • Wants connection to their organization

  • Wants to leave a legacy of success and resilience

Audience Takeaways

Understand how your communication impacts your teams

Outlines steps to take when navigating the challenges facing your organization

Your Acre of Diamonds

Keynote # 4

Leadership has always been difficult, leaders are tasked with navigating through unique challenges and expectations, that are forcing them to think of innovative ways to excel while keeping teams engaged.

Audience Takeaways

Exploring & identifying your leadership style

Setting tangible goals

Coaching through use of persuasive techniques


Keynote # 5

The Power of Dynamic Leadership

Being a leader today is difficult! Successful leaders are confident, know how to communicate, how to motivate, and how to lead others. Because they understand that they have the power to have great impact. So how do you get there? This presentation is for people, who:

  • Are stepping into leadership roles

  • Want clear tactical guidelines that can be applied immediately

  • Have recognized that they need to improve

  • Are responsible for others

Audience Takeaways
Learn the 5 leadership skills every leader MUST master.

How to influence others

How to impact the performance and behavior of those around them by

Having difficult conversations

Coaching others

Setting clear expectations and goals


Ziba Alizadeh.jpg

I recently had a privilege of meeting Therese at the American Staffing Association Thrive event. Therese was a speaker at the event and from the moment she walked on stage, she not only captured the audience, but she added immense value. Her story of how she turned an unfortunate event in her life into her passion is truly inspiring. Throughout the talk, Therese provided step-by-step direction and insight. The audience was truly engaged and could not take notes fast enough. I am honored to have the opportunity to know and network with Therese.

Ziba Alizadeh

Vice President, Healthcare Solutions, RemX-The Workforce Experts/Employbridge

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