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I like to stick to what I know!

I know healthcare Credentialing & Compliance.

I know how to avoid and RECOVER FROM the big leadership mistakes… because I have probably made them ALL!


Let’s get the credibility stuff out of the way first!

  • I have a Master of Public Health from Florida International University. 

  • I have 20+ years of experience leading several Credentialing and Compliance teams in hospitals and in the healthcare staffing industries.

  • I was recognized for Leadership during the President’s Forum during my tenure at one of the Top 10 healthcare staffing organizations in the US.

  • I have a proven record of boosting productivity amongst teams that are traditionally seen as "cost centers" not "revenue producers".

Let Me Help You!

Credentialing & Compliance

Is there high turnover on your Credentialing Team?

Are you paying for clinicians to sit in a hotel room because clearance to start didn’t happen on time?

Are your Sales Teams clashing with your Credentialing Teams?

Healthcare Staffing Leaders

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading! One thing I have noticed in my 20+ years of Credentialing experience is that Sales teams and Credentialing teams don’t speak the same language!

What does that mean? Here is an example: If a traveler is cancelled during the credentialing process for any reason; this is devastating to the sales teams but often a relief for the Credentialing team…due to an overwhelming number of files!

Sure, nobody will admit that but I’ve been there, and I know this to be true. So solving for problems like high turnover, unsatisfied customers, and wasted resources; requires that we speak the same language.

Our teams need to be ALIGNED, but how?

Start by knowing what it's time to focus on:

Streamlined Handoff Processes

That understand the importance of setting the Credentialing Team up for success by ensuring that every person on the team knows what is expected when working the process. That includes Account Managers and Recruiters!

Internal Training Programs

That teach the art of Credentialing. This is a crucial role that requires specific skills and a high level of knowledge! Treat it as such!


Invest in it! Provide the team with the resources needed to excel!

Clear Production & Quality Goals

That bridges the gap between “Getting It Done Correctly” and “Getting It Done Quickly”. In Healthcare Staffing, you truly can’t have one without the other and it is possible!

My Process

If you’re looking for positive reinforcement, then I am not your gal!


If you want clear constructive feedback with takeaways that you can immediately begin working on, then let's chat!

It’s Simple


  • Initial conversation with the leadership regarding perceived challenges & obstacles in comparison to goals.

  • Roundtable & individual discussions with key Credentialing & Sales Team members.


  • Review of all Compliance & Credentialing policies, workflows, & systems.

  • Review of current performance metrics, if any.

Private Meeting
Detailed presentation that outlines:
  • Observations

  • SPECIFIC areas that are impacting Credentialing performance

  • SPECIFIC steps that can be taken to start seeing immediate improvements…if done correctly.

** Bonus: If support is needed, I can stay on to assist with creation, revamp, & education.

Avoiding The Big Leadership Mistakes

It doesn't matter if your leadership team consists of:

Emerging Leaders who understand the tactical side of the job, have been successful as individual contributors, are getting more responsibilities and mentoring new hires.


Tenured Leaders who’ve been doing this leader thing for some time but really, they’re just winging it most days (you know who they are) or constantly Googling “How tos” for every situation.


New Leaders who were just hired or promoted. They have employees or dotted line folks who they are responsible for, have a lot coming at them all at once and are still learning!

Bad Leaders who have good intentions but lack the leadership skills necessary to drive the team forward while maintaining a positive culture …and you’ve not given up on them yet.

Know This

They are making avoidable mistakes, it is impacting business, it is impacting the culture and at some point, they will have to be a priority, at some point it will be time to invest in them.

Investing in your leadership team will always be the best decision you ever make! These are your people. They want to do well. They want to make a positive impact, but they guidance! They need direction. They need support.

YOUR organization needs them to be successful!


My Process

When it comes to leading there is not one size that fits all; likewise, when it comes to leadership development, there is not one approach that works for all scenarios.


Leadership development programs tend to be created either proactively or in response to crisis, so I have developed two approaches that will meet your team’s immediate needs.

Team in Crisis

This will include:

Things are falling apart! Your leaders are not working together! High performers are leaving! Overall, nobody seems to know which way is up! There is no time extending training programs. You need immediate relief! That’s where I come in!

Approach 1
2 Executive Sessions

Intake- Getting Clear About WHAT the problem is (sometimes it’s not always what we think).

Closing The Loop - At the end, confirming that the problem has been addressed and the Executive Team is in support of next steps.

3 Group Sessions

Session 1- Understanding the problem and getting to the root cause.

Session 2- Addressing the problem and identifying how everyone has contributed.


Session 3- Solving the problem and the steps that will need to be taken individually and together.

2 Individual Sessions

Session 1- Understanding how the problem is impacting individual productivity, relationships, and employee experience.

Session 2- Understanding how individual actions contributed to the problem.

General Leadership Development

All of this and more will be covered in my specially curated leadership development series: