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Initial Consultation

Let's set aside 30 minutes to discuss your driving force behind change

  • 30 minutes

Looking for a Way to Level Up Your Leadership?

Initial Consultation: During the initial consultation we will discuss the client’s key problem, what are they seeking help with? We will review the current team size, systems, and the desired outcome. I will share the options they have to resolve the keys problem(s) based on the client’s desired timeline and current resources. Come ready to provide: a) information about your organization and services you provide b) key problem data—goals vs.where they are currently c )basic team org and system information d)desired timeline to complete project

Cancellation Policy

Hi there! I can't wait for us to meet and will be spending time preparing for our appointment to make sure you get the most out of it!! But I know sometimes things happen and a cancellation may be required. So, the moment you know you can't make our meeting please contact me as soon as possible via email! The best way to avoid a cancellation fee is by rescheduling our meeting on the spot! But if it just can't happen, make sure to cancel at least 7 days in advance to avoid that pesky 20% cancellation fee!

Contact Details

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