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Yes, It's Tough; But Stop!

The healthcare industry is going through a rough time right now and healthcare leaders are feeling the brunt of it! Healthcare leaders are navigating more complex challenges and it is taking a toll!

Unfortunately, during times like this when dealing with significant pressure many leaders make mistakes, some that couldn't be avoided and many that could be. One big mistake is sharing too much with their team. Is this you? If you're guilty of doing this, and your team members had a chance to have a candid conversation with you they would probably say:

Can you stop telling me things I shouldn't know? "When you complain to us; all it does is make us scared and we feel unstable in our jobs."

Seriously, if you're doing this, STOP! Your team needs a leader who will push them to be their best, a leader who calms the waters not stirs the pot! If you're thinking about sharing something, consider if it is adding value. If it is not, skip it!

We see you "The moment something goes down, you’re oversharing, you're calling people into your office to share the most recent drama with those executive leaders. You’re giving your unfiltered opinions about who is incompetent, etc., etc. "

If this is you, you know who you are! STOP! Doing this does not get your team onboard or in your corner, it does the opposite. As much as you would like to think that you are friends, you are not. So when you're seen complaining about your leaders and other team members it is embarrassing and makes everyone uncomfortable.

We are losing respect for you. "Why are you sharing that you are looking for other opportunities?"

For the love of !@%, STOP! If you're unhappy, it's perfectly fine that you are looking for another job but it is NOT ok to share that with people who are counting on you as their leader! This is disruptive, your team will view you as unreliable, and will lose trust in you.

Ok, so now that I have given some tough love, let me say this. Yes, you are frustrated and yes, you are under significant pressure, but you were put into your role for a reason.

You are in leadership for a reason.

You chose to be in your role.

Respect that.

Respect the people you lead.

Respect your role and until you choose to do something different, use your words to motivate and positively influence others!

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