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Yikes! Prom and Speech on the Same Day!

This last Saturday, I had two big events scheduled within hours of each other! I was a panel speaker for the Speak Up Women's conference and my sweet daughter had her prom!

Talk about stress! I decided to approach the day with an understanding that stress, anxiety, and chaos would be the themes of the day, so I just needed to get it DONE! I did learn some lessons though!


Lessons Learned?

  • Having a plan for the unplanned, SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE PLAN!

  • There will be times when your personal and professional responsibilities won't corporate, so it's up to you keep things on track.

  • Accepting that it's going to be a tough day will help you keep your emotions and how you communicate with others in check!

  • Getting it done is better than getting it perfect!

  • Always allow yourself time to process your emotions.


The most important lesson I learned?

Although there will be times that I am overwhelmed and stretched thin, I do all the things I do for a reason.

This weekend was about following my dreams but it was also about being present for my daughter, helping calm her nerves, telling her she was beautiful and loved constantly.

The lesson?

It's ok to want both my dreams and to be a present mother.

I am not crazy for wanting both.

I can do both.

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