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Someone Not Pulling Their Weight?

Ok, you know who that person is, don’t you? If you don’t know who that person is, then it may be time to whip out that mirror!

Seriously, it might be that time.

I was having a conversation with someone, I will call him “Bob”, who said that he had an employee who is a leader but was failing to follow through on several initiatives and daily expectations.

This led to the need for others, including Bob, who is an executive leader, to pick up the slack!

Now, I have worked with several people in the past, leaders and non-leaders who didn’t pull their weight, and man, that is annoying but also inconsiderate and unprofessional, or is it?

Alright, hear me out!

It is easy to get frustrated when others around you aren’t doing their part, but my experience has taught me that often one of these things is the culprit:

  • Expectations were not clearly explained initially.

  • Adequate training and/or mentoring has not been provided.

  • Not enough support in place for what is expected.

  • It’s not a good fit.

  • In rare occasions, the person doesn’t care.

So what do you do? As a leader you should start by asking yourself the tough question, you know the one; “have I set this person up for success?” Use your answer as a decision tree.

If no, then it’s time to have the dreaded difficult conversation!

If yes, then it’s time to have the dreaded difficult conversation!

If the person is unclear as to what is expected; that needs to be addressed. No excuses. Do what you need to do to give them the best shot at being a reliable team member. Communicate what actions you will take to better support them but ALSO communicate what actions you except from them as you work together to improve.

If you've provided all the things, then the toughest conversations must begin. NO EXCUSES.

  • Take out the emotion.

  • Be direct and clear.

  • Provide specific examples.

  • Be crystal clear with what behavior is needed.

  • Put a time stamp on it.

  • Document the conversation.

  • Follow up and follow through.

So Yes! Regardless of how you got here, as a leader you must take some ownership and start having the conversations that can shift behavior!

For a team to be successful, everyone MUST know what to do when they have the ball and they MUST actually do it!!

Want more tips? Yes, Please!

Dealing with a tough situation? Schedule 30-minutes; on me!

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